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School council

The aim of our School Council is to provide a platform that raises student involvement and helps pupils to develop their own individual liberty and key skills around oracy, confidence and leadership.  Pupil voice is an integral part of our school ethos and values, which seeks to ensure that each child feels valued and respected. This ethos permeates through the school’s curriculum and supports the development of the ‘whole child’.

We involve students from Key Stage 2 upwards and the successful representatives are elected, democratically, through class-based campaigns supported by their teachers and peers.  Secondary pupils, as a cross-curricular activity, write and present their manifesto to their classes and stand for election.

West Lea School is all about innovation and, as such, we are constantly evolving! Recently, the number of classes has increased and, as a result, we now support pupils up to Key Stage 5.  In order to facilitate an all-inclusive approach, School Council meetings are held, half-termly, across our three campuses.

Throughout the academic year the School Council works democratically with all stakeholders, improving relationships, discussing issues, seeking solutions and working in true partnership to improve our school.