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Learning for Life Campus

Welcome to the Learning for Life Centre – ‘SOARING’!                                                                        patrick1

As our motto of ‘Learning for Life’ suggests, we want every student to leave us equipped with the skills necessary for an independent life. Catering to students from 14 – 25 years, over three distinct locations, our primary focus is to ‘solidify’ the work that has taken place at Meridian Campus (‘Taking Off’) and Haselbury Campus (‘Flying High’) and to take our pupils to a situation where they are ‘Soaring’!

Through our broad and balanced academic curriculum that includes taster days at College, complemented by an innovative and holistic independence offer, we aim to prepare our students to take their place in society and make an active and meaningful contribution, knowing that they are valued for 'who they are’ not just what they can do.                                                           

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I’m ‘Soaring’ and learning how to:

Be more confident, prepare for exams, reach my potential, travel safely and independently, develop a career, find my place in the world of work, develop resilience and a work ethic, make choices for my life, take advantage of my opportunities, take my place in society, have great fun…I’m learning for life!

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