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KS2 Performance and Results

Progress and Attainment at the end of KS2.

West Lea school is focused on ensuring achievable outcomes for students that means they can move on to appropriate college placements at the end of KS4. Our aim is to ensure that all are developing in the areas of independence while not forgetting the importance of making progress in reading, comprehension and numeracy. All our pupils have complex learning difficulties and benchmarks currently published by the DfE are not appropriate.

On balance .90% of pupils are making outstanding progress in developing skills for independence. A comprehensive passport of skills is used to record the developments in life skills that students are making from the moment they arrive at school in the morning until they leave at the end of the day.

At KS2 students are generally working well below their peers in numeracy and literacy with an average attainment level of P7. External assessments are used to moderate staff judgements of progress. Our school internal assessment information shows that students make outstanding progress in Numeracy and Literacy, in addition to their independence development. 92% (in 2018) and 88% (in 2017) of our learners are making at least expected progress in English and Maths, within the year, from starting points. Students eligible for Pupil Premium Grant all made at least expected progress in Numeracy and Literacy. This year, students eligible for the grant did better than their counterparts overall. Small next steps in learning are also set for students in these areas. Over 90% of learners meet these targets. A rich, personalised and extremely well -balanced curriculum leads to accelerated rates of progress for most able learners. 

Our learners were not entered to take part in the KS2 SATs as they were working below the expected level.

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