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Welcome to Wright Class

We hope you will enjoy looking at our page, and finding out about all the exciting things we get up to at school!

Here is a list of activities and topics that are going to be covered by Wright Class during the Autumn term:

Wright Class team this year are:

  • Ms  Salame
  • Ms Gates 
  • Ms  Djouskoun
  • Mrs  Georgiou

Rita Salame 1Jeanette GateshandanAndrea Georgio

If you would like more details of what we are doing, or you have any questions about your child’s work, please make an appointment to see me after school.

Wright Parent Topic Sheet

Communication, Language & Literacy

Discuss and analyse non-fiction and fiction about Britain and countries around the world:

  • Describe different settings.
  • Develop writing through use of senses (what they can see, feel/touch, hear, smell and taste).
  • Develop communication and language through role-play activities.
  • Joining words and clauses using ‘and’.
  • Learn to spell common exception words
  • Continue applying phonic knowledge and skills as the route to decode words.


  • Counting to 30 and back from any given number
  • Read and write numbers to 30
  • Beginning to count, forwards and backwards, in steps of 2, 3 and 5
  • Recognise place value of each digit in a two-digit number
  • Identify one more or less from any given number
  • Compare and order numbers from 0-30
  • Represent numbers using objects and pictorial representations
  • Represent and estimate numbers using different representations

Physical Development

In this unit children improve and apply their basic skills, in particular they focus on different ways of hitting and striking the ball. They play games that demand simple choices and decisions on how to use space to avoid opponents, keep the ball and score points.

In all game activities, children think about how to use skills, strategies, and tactics to outwit the opposition.


  • Identify, name, draw and label the basic parts of the human body and say which part of the body is associated with each sense.
  • Identify 5 senses and give examples of each
  • Identify why it is important exercise and eat right
  • Name healthy and unhealthy foods
  • Discussing how and where our food grows/comes from
  • Discuss why hygiene is important
  • Learning how to cook health meals in the kitchen


  • Looking at online safety – focusing on how to use technology safely and keeping personal information private
  • Identify and operate digital devices independently - give and respond to simple instructions to control digital devices
  • Present information in digital formats – choosing and using digital resources for activities – create presentations using digital technology
  • Learn how to search for information and media using digital technology


In Wright class pupils will be exploring the theme 'Animals in the garden'. This project will begin by establishing a basic understanding of wildlife in the United Kingdom. They will learn about habitats with opportunities to visit our onsite allotment, ponds and fields. Pupils will create fun and colourful objects with the purpose to either feed or house the local wildlife. Throughout this project we will require a range of junk modelling materials and would appreciate any spare jam jars, plastic bottles, milk cartons or yogurt pots that you have lying around


Home support


- Practice spellings at home

-Discuss the different countries & religions

-Encourage paying while out shopping

-Encourage help in the kitchen

-Discuss and implement online safety rule on iPad’s, computers and laptops at home

Useful websites:










Could also try Youtube videos on each topic subject area