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Supported Internships

Bridging the gap - our Supported Internship programme:

Our 'Supported Internship' programme is all about bridging the gap between school and the world of work. For those people who will benefit, a supporting work related learning and four days in the workplace. This differs from Work Experience as the interns will be treated as members of staff with the aim of securing a paid job at the end. The work placements are sourced after carrying out vocational profiles with the interns to ensure they match their skills and areas of interest.

We have an experienced team of 'Job Coaches' who provide support, advocacy and guidance throughout the Supported Internship Programme to our young people and to the employer. They are also qualified Independent Travel Trainers and support the overall work experience programme.

Through this programme, we aim for all our young people to experience and have access to:

  • A curriculum that is focused appropriate work related learning
  • An experienced 'Job Coach' who will act as a mentor, trainer and advocate
  • Vocational profiling, so that internship best suits their inmate, abilities and aspirations.
  • A meaningful experience in an employment situation that has a realistic opportunity of resulting in paid employment.

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