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Believing that to truly flourish children must feel valued, we focus on what each child can achieve and celebrate their successes. Recognising that every one of our pupils has quite specific requirements, we also place great importance on personalised learning. By bringing learning to life through trips, clubs, work experience and other extra-curricular activities, we encourage independence and develop the interests that help prepare each child to take their place in society.

Our vision is to seek an enriched understanding of the needs of our children, so that the response is targeted and effective, delivering the best possible outcomes. Through this deepened knowledge, and via the skills and expertise of the staff at the school, including the thoughts and wishes of our children and their parents, we seek to ensure that;

  • Our children have access to ‘peer’ groups and develop friendships and interests.
  • Each child feels part of the school and local community, fostering a true vision for inclusion.
  • Each child has access to high quality teaching, which develops social and self-care skills for future independence.
  • Each child feels confident and respected by others, and has the opportunity to experience success and achievement at every level.
  • Each child encounters the fundamental outcomes of physical and emotional well-being, and a platform for communication and personal safety, leading to higher-level outcomes of enjoyment, achievement, feeling valued and respected.