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Welcome to Hartwell Class

We hope you will enjoy looking at our page, and finding out about all the exciting things we get up to at school!

Kingfisher Class

We hope you will enjoy looking at our page, and finding out about all the exciting things we get up to at school!

Kingfisher Class team this year are:

  • Mrs Martin
  • Mrs Poulter
  • Mrs Duberry
  • Mrs Angeyo-Mwa
  • Miss Feeny
  • Ms Claxton

Julie MartinLee Poulter - TeacherBeverley Duberry1Stella Angeyo-MwaLiz Feeneyjane claxton

If you would like more details of what we are doing, or you have any questions about your child’s work, please make an appointment to see me after school.

Kingfisher   Autumn Term 2016

This letter outlines the learning that will be taking place this term. Please remember to check the school website and school newsletter to find out more about the activities that have taken place at school.


This term the class will continue to study the skills needed for a Functional Skills English course.  The course is made up of three elements: reading, speaking and listening and writing.  Students will practise using different texts to gather information, ideas arguments, opinions and some problems as well as studying how writers communicate.  For the writing element students will be asked to think about audience, purpose, form and style as well as learning how to organise and present writing clearly and effectively. They will take part in formal and informal discussions.


Kingfisher follows Functional Skills (Entry Level to Level 1) and GCSE Mathematics programme. This term will be focusing on:

- read, write, order and compare positive integers,

- add and subtract positive integers,

- multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000

- multiplication and division facts up to 10x10

- round to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000,

- find multiples and factors and identify prime numbers,

- understand and use negative numbers,

- read, write, order and compare decimals,

- round decimals.

How parents can help:


Students will be continuing with Level 1 Personal and Social Development course. They are currently working on three units.

  • Managing Personal Risk – To gain an understanding of the potential risks to young people and how they react to risk.
  • Working as part of a group – To develop skills to become active contributors when working with others on group activities.
  • Managing own Money – To introduce learners to the basic elements of managing their personal finances.


During the Autumn Term Students will participate in various tasks that link to AQA Unit Award Schemes. These will mainly be set outdoors and include activities such as gardening. At the end of the year we hope that students have achieved a number of awards that will help them in later life.  Please ensure that on days that your child has science they are wearing clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. You could even send in a set of overalls and wellington boots that they could keep at school to change into.

Food Technology

Students will be working towards AQA unit awards.  This term will focus on health and hygiene and kitchen safety as well as healthy living. For the award students will design a menu, prepare a three course meal and set a table.


This academic year in ICT, Kingfisher will be working on achieving their Level 1 in Functional Skills ICT. Those that achieved Level 1 this year shall be working towards their Level 2. Both Level 1 and 2 require the learners to have solid knowledge of emailing, databases and spreadsheets, desktop publishing and online safety. This term the learners shall be focusing on the finer details of emailing and emailing etiquette as well as brushing up on their online safety knowledge.


For the next nine weeks’ pupils will be visiting Lea Valley Athletics Centre.  They will have the opportunity to try many different sports. Students will also visit the local park for football and West Lea for table tennis, cycling and basketball.


This term we are being visited by DAZU therapeutic drama group. The sessions focus on developing self-esteem and confidence, making and maintaining friendships, improving communication and exploring feelings.


This term in art the students will be working with a variety of media and techniques to develop their skills. We aim to provide a varied curriculum and encourage the students to work independently.