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Terrance (Terry) Stanley Fox was a Canadian athlete and fundraiser for cancer research. His right leg was amputated in 1977 after he was diagnosed with cancer. He continued to run, using an artificial leg, and also played wheelchair basketball at national level.

Welcome to Fox Class

We hope you will enjoy looking at our page, and finding out about all the exciting things we get up to at school!

Fox Class team this year are:

  • Mr Hepworth
  • Mrs Bhatti
  • Mrs Cabey

Kyle Hepworth1Arooj Bhatti- Teaching Assistant1Angela Cabey

If you would like more details of what we are doing, or you have any questions about your child’s work, please make an appointment to see me after school.

Fox Parent Topic Sheet


Historical Narrative: In this unit, pupils will explore fiction. Pupils will read and be read a range of fictional texts makes sense, and demonstrate understanding, e.g. though a journal.  They will develop ideas for a new chapter or scene, and present these to the class. They will also discuss the language that is used, e.g. words that indicate a historical setting. 

Non - fiction: In this non-fiction unit, pupils will explore the features of a magazine article, such as the layout and use of past tense. They will look at magazines from different decades, and then create their own article. This unit allow pupils to explore the process of planning, drafting, amending etc.

Poetry:  We will look at poems with a structure e.g. haiku, limericks. This unit allows pupils to enjoy poems which they may not have experienced previously. There is ample opportunity for talk for writing, and pupil will use all of their senses to develop language which will be used to devise their own poems. 

Film and Play script. In this unit, pupils will read and respond to play scripts, including simple stage directions.

Drama strategies will be used to learn about reading with expression, and understanding characters (e.g. through hot seating). This unit will link with the Christmas production.   

What you can do at home to help:

* Testing students at home on their spelling  

* Guided reading at home 3 times a week  

 Useful website : www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/ks2/english/ 


* Counting, ordering, place value and rounding

* Mental and paper calculations, using addition, subtraction, including use of the empty number line;

multiplication and division

* Understanding simple word problems, deciding which operation is needed

* Fractions and decimals.

* Measure - length, perimeter, 2D shape, angles

* Position and direction, including navigation (linked to topic)

* Money, time and real life problems * Statistics - drawing and interpreting graphs What you can do at home to help: * Practise times tables with them (tables can be found in the school planner)


The topic for this term is ‘Britain since 1948’. Britain has changed profoundly since 1948. A growth in population, matched by rapidly rising expectations about lifestyle has seen advances in technology, medicine, politics, creativity and values. Pupils will begin the topic by looking at the immediate effects of WW2. Pupils will be shown decade by decade how Britain has rebuilt, reinvented and redeveloped itself into what we see today.

In addition to the above Fox will learn to play the ukulele led by Paula Warren from Enfield Music service. This will take place every Thursday afternoon. Instruments are provided by the school.

What you can do at home to help:

Talking to your child about your own experiences growing up will help to rouse interest in this topic. Discussions on what school life was like, the food you ate, the toys you played with and the music you listened to would be very helpful!

Ms Harnett, Mr Zawislak and Mr Ozten will be delivering the Physical Education course. In PE lessons the students are supported by specialist PE teaching assistants. During these lessons students will be studying the following sports:

* Various games: Boccia, Football, Basketball, Hockey. 

* Canoeing, Swimming.  

* Athletics, Karate 

All activities are aim on developing: fitness, co-ordination & fine and gross motor skills and positive attitude to sport for life. 

What you can do at home to help:

PE KIT – Needs to be in school every Tuesday and Wednesday – dark shorts, white T-shirt, black plimsolls or trainers.

Encouragement to play outside (where safe and appropriate) will help to keep your child healthy. It could be that (provided that you have one!) that they accompany you when walking the dog. 


This term Fox class will be working on a variety of games and activities. All of the games and activities used are designed to improve communication, concentration and team work which are all skills required in Drama. They will work on short drama exercises and sketches and be encouraged to show what they have practised to the rest of the group.

We will also work on vocal exercises as part of a regular warm up to improve clarity and voice projection. 

What you can do at home to help:

Watching TV adaptations or films of plays can be useful if your child is part of drama club. It will help them to get used to the plotlines and characters. This year pupils will be working towards West Lea’s Christmas adaptation of Scrooge. 


This term in Computing, Fox Class will be looking at E-safety and how to keep themselves safe online. They will then begin working on their Entry Level 1 Computing skills. This term this will involve looking at e-mailing and will include: sending and receiving messages, forwarding messages, attaching images and documents and sending group e-mails.

What you can do at home to help:

Reiterate the importance of being safe online. Make sure that where appropriate you have parental controls activated on devices around your home.


Learners will develop sketching and observational skills using a variety of media. There will be sessions involving colour mixing and matching (using paint, pastels and colour pencil). There will also be opportunities to develop pictures using mixed media. We will be looking at a variety of influential British artists spanning from Pop Artists Peter Blake, David Hockney and Richard Hamilton to Charles Saatchi’s YBA’s.

What you can do at home to help:

* Encourage drawing at home.

* Gallery visits.


This term in science fox class are learning about materials. They will be conducting lots of different types of experiments that test their existing knowledge and push them to predict, test and evaluate.

What you can do at home to help:

Insulation will be one of their main topics and you could support your child by looking around the home for materials that insulate. This website offers lots of video clips that could help your child revise science knowledge in preparation for lessons. http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/topics/zryycdm

 In PSHE pupils will be covering the following areas:

* Friendships and relationships, working together, communicating and turn taking games 

* Understanding and respecting each other’s faith and cultural expectations

* Politics

* Healthy lifestyle

What you can do at home to help:

Having the news on in the background at home can be a good way to improve their awareness of current issues.